Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Baran Lab Blog

Angry Flasks


Hello, world. Welcome to the Baran Lab Blog.

We think this would be an interesting way to communicate with the scientific world – straight from our lab! Here are some of our initial goals:

  1. Provide details into our published chemistry
  2. Discuss interesting findings within our lab
  3. Weekly content updates from our group meetings: mechanism and recent literature summaries. If you’re interested in our full group meetings see here!
  4. How we do things? Quick tips and tricks of how we conduct certain experiments!
  5. Responses to questions from readers

These goals are mutable, we’ll change as we see fit. Although we are under Professor Baran’s tutelage, the content generation of the blog will come primarily from the students (although, sometimes he may post and chime in during discussions as well). What do the readers want to see? Which syntheses and methods would you like to see elaborated upon?

How we communicate has changed, let's move forward!

The Baran Lab

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