Monday, April 1, 2013

Baran Lab to move to Wyoming

In light of recent blog posts, we would like to formally announce that our lab is moving to an abandoned home depot somewhere in rural western Wyoming.

Young Brando is "excited to have two full hoods to himself," and Taycoh said, "with the new space and low overhead costs, we should be able to have a lab of two- to three-hundred students."

The ATF will be providing funding for new research on the novel chemoselective syntheses of ethan-1-ol and ethan-2-ol.

Phil's children's love of adorable farm animals may have influenced the move.

Stay tuned for more information!


  1. As Phil likes to say, "Better a zoo than a museum"

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  3. I am truly excited to have two full hoods, as well as dozens of acres, to myself!

  4. Congratulation! It is a such great and safe place to raise family and instead of surfing you can hunt at lunchtime. And it is closer Milwaukee than southern California so your Aldrich deliveries will arrive at least 2 days sooner.