Thursday, June 4, 2015

Back to Heterocycles!

I guess this blog entry could be called "The Portable Chemist's Consultant Part 5” (see Part 4 here)

First off, we have new book updates (latest version 2.6.1), as listed in iTunes and on the book's website

In about ~2 years from the first launch of the book, its volume has roughly doubled in size. If you purchased the initial version of the book, all the updates were provided for free, and this will remain as such. This is in contrast to a traditional textbook, for which the consumer must pay every time a new edition is published. It is our belief that every good product out there should provide updates for free, much like Apple’s OS X Mavericks or Yosemite upgrades. Although our heterocyclic e-book may fall short of Apple’s contents and designs, our ultimate goal is to keep updating our work until we get there.

Speaking of a two-year anniversary, we also have another update to heterocyclic chemistry—that’s Phil’s Heterocyclic Chemistry Course 2015. The course is available on iTunes U, much like the class that was held in 2013 (but the videos are of better quality now and they don't have any cutting-off issues from last time). This course has been recently held every 2 years from April to June and we are currently headed into its final weeks, which includes the final exam. :)  Feel free to take a look at the midterm as well.

Happy Heterocycling!

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