Saturday, August 1, 2015

Introducing....The Baran Lab Snack Room!!!

That's right...we now have a new snack room in the Baran Lab. Phil took us on a Costco shopping spree to get all of our favorite goodies. And yes, he does make us wear diapers when we are running big columns!

So far, the favorite items the barnowls are protein bars and shakes, beef jerky, and oreo cookies. Shouldn't every PI do this? I think so. I have noticed an uptick in productivity especially when the cafeteria is closed and there is nowhere to get a quick bite. 

And yes, Phil money tastes VERY GOOD!!!!!


  1. you may consider buying a nice rice cooker for the group - even with high quality rice it is lot cheaper to run than coffee maker, the rice stays good to eat for many hours...

    Of course you need also a foldable futon bed-sofa, and a pillow.

    1. A certain postdoc used to cook bacon in a rice cooker for dinner... it was more tortuous than when someone cooked popcorn.

    2. how does it work? I have to try this on my roommate, he has been too much into protein shakes and gym workouts recently.

    3. Pretty sure he just made rice, then steamed an egg (in shell), bacon, and vegetables. No one should have to smell bacon without eating it.

  2. Also, I forgot: You need free peanuts and bananas!